Monday, April 26, 2010


The VC of USM wrote a piece on Koleq in his weekly column in yesterday's NST. It was written in conjunction with Sultan Azlan Shah bestowing the Datukship to Mr. N.J. Ryan, last of the MCKK' s Mat Salleh headmasters who served the Koleq in the 1960s. The writer, Prof. Abdul Razak is an old boy himself.

As with most pieces written about MCKK, the article was an overflow of romanticism and nostalgia. Prof. Razak recapitulates the good old days of MCKK when sports and studies went together extremely well. Those days, MCKK was feared on the sporting fields, rugby especially (made important during Ryan's time) and respected for the high standard of education. The fear and respect also went international " distant as Sri Lanka..." and Thailand. Those were the times when MCKK spelt quality, excellence and "...superb teamwork, dedication and courage".

But Prof. Razak is not a hopeless romantic as he put it bluntly that "... many of these qualities are missing today as our education seems to mirror another game -- national soccer."

The sad thing is that not many Budak Koleq out there who're willing to be as blunt. Sadder still, many are under this grand illusion that their MCKK is still the best there is. The saddest of the lot has to be those Budak Koleq that think that their MCKK will still be the best that ever will be.

The fact is MCKK is in a rot. All signs are there for all to see.


joe said...

it's easier to be an armchair critics la dude..

paham2 je la

E27 said...


that is also one kind.

the worst kind adalah yang begin their sentence with "when I was there..." or "during my time..."

alah, aku pun armchair critics jugak to a degree, hahaha