Friday, April 23, 2010


This is my 34th postings for this year.Which means I have bettered my postings for year 2009, quantity-wise that is. It's been quite a struggle, what more with constant pokes and taunts by Screwboy and Knizam.

I think that's what life is these days. A struggle. It's hard work meeting deadlines, bosses breathing down your neck, paying bills, kids demanding their share of attention, etc. hahahaha. Can't we go back in time when life is easier and the only thing that to look forward to for the day is who's to hit at the rugby practice. Hmmm, that'd be nice.

Speaking about rugby practice, Syam invited me to join his company's rugby practice held every Saturday. I said yes, without thinking of course. A bit of Murphy's Law kicks in and now am facing with various hurdles to make it to the field. Ohh, I digress.

Back to the issue. Though I miss those laidback times very much, I fully realise that time moves and it moves with only one direction, forward that is. With capital F. And You have to move with the times.

You fell in love, you got married. You got married, you got kids if you're lucky. You got kids, they got to be fed. You feed the kids, they grow up. They grow up, you got old. Then you die.

You learn, you got degree. You got degree, you got job. You got job, you finish your job. You finish your job, you got scolded. Then you die. Hahahaha...

It's not that straightforward like what I described but you get the picture.

But the most important thing is life is about making continuous improvements along the way. Do better today than what you did yesterday and do better tomorrow than what you do today. Rasulullah demands that. Improvements for self, good. Improvements for self and others, great.

Let's just try to be better. But I still want my Focus TDCI...


Anonymous said...

and now it's time to get that BB hahaha..

sure boleh double the 34

abah said...

Ko kecundang kepada the BBlack side jugak joe, akhirnya...hahahaha...