Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here's our own Frank Abagnale, Jr. Frank Abagnale, Jr was the real-life impostor, fleshed out on screen by Leonardo Di Caprio in the 2002 film "Catch Me If You Can".

But our own man was caught very early in his career (NST, 11 April 2010), unlike Abagnale, Jr who managed to prise millions of dollars from unsuspecting people, posing as an airline pilot, a doctor and a lawyer along the way.

Two striking similarities between the self-styled Tuan Muda and Mr. Abagnale, Jr are both started very young, before even reaching their 20th birthday and both are allegedly brilliant. The Tuan Muda got strainght As in his SPM.

If not for a childhood friend who noticed him during his impersonation rounds, he might still be walking the streets and who knows what might be his next adventures.

But the funny thing about this is the gullibilty of the officials, easily awed by titles, royalties, palace people, etc to be the unwilling players in the laughable charade.

For all the antics, the boy is walking scot-free after apologising to the Pahang royal household. He is also been offered to do his matriculation in Johor (the study offer all on merits and has got nothing to do with the impersonation).

I think the Government should closely monitor the progress of this boy and better to start thinking of putting this boy's talent to good use.

For what use? Alah, let them think la...


Anonymous said...

maybe i should start using 'deputy director' instead of 'head of unit' as my job title hahaha

e27 said...


Screw, Deputy Director, Head of Unit XX. Bukan begitu?

Anonymous said...

tak ah..

officially, head of xxx unit..