Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Hold up your chin. Don't be sad for too long. Do not despair. It's just not meant to be, I suppose. Take it in your stride. Losing and winning is part of the game. You are just a bit unlucky this time around.

I know you feel dejected. I know you feel robbed of the 2 points that should have been rightly awarded to you. Yes, that boy did hit your mouth and your ear.You deserved that 2 points without doubt. But you can't go against the referee, can you? That's the spirit of the game. The two hits must've escaped his eyes. I saw both, but I can't interfere. It was your fight.

Such is life. You can't win all the time. You have to remember that to reach that stage, you've sent 2 of your opponents home early and most probably heartbroken too.

This was only your first tournament. You'll get better, I am sure. If it's any consolation, I just want to let you know that you fought well in the first draw.


There will be more 'fights' coming your way, and they are not necessarily karate fights. Learn from all your mistakes today and improve on them. Losing can be a good thing if we learn and use it to our advantage. Practice harder. And you have got to think too.

You will do good, Insya Allah.

But when you do, remember NEVER to lose your head.



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e-commerce said...

steady emil...!!! don't give up, nanti uncle ajar a few moves, ok!