Sunday, May 23, 2010


 The birthday bath

The Wait

The celebration

The cake

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Happy Birthday. Now, go for the stars, both of you!!!

MigDuck KK Trip


We have arrived. 1 hour later than planned.

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I was live-blogging and mobile-uploading my FB simultaneuosly yesterday, all for the benefit of other Bapak Iteks who could not make the trip this time. The mobile uploads were ok but I cannot get through my blog. I then decided to stop putting in entries and stick to FB.

On to the main agenda. The trip was for us to oversee the MigDucks playing a friendly against the Old Boys Team as part of the preparation for the upcoming Nationals. On personal level, this would be my first appearance after an absence of slightly over a year from 'actual scenes of the action'. An absence which had been much derided by the other Bapa Iteks. (If it's any consolation, it felt good to be back, hahaha).

For analysis of the friendly match according to Ruff, below (in red) :

The team becomes more "junior" as we go along. There's only 7 F4s and 2 F3s in the team now and 6 F1s and F2s.

Mr Thaman allowed more and more F1/F2 to play especially in friendly series, which means we need more friendly series if they were to reach the potential by the time they are F3s.

Quite scary for national tournament this year a...s our team might be one of the most junior (orang lain semua F4), but it's a good investment for the future :-)

MCOBA won 5 - 3. The boys slept the first quarter and allowed 2 goals; struggling to find the right rhythm.

Then they woke up ha ha, equalised at 2-2 until end of 2nd quarter. In 3rd quarter it became 3-2, then 3-3.

MCOBA scored 2 more goals in the last quarter.

Personally, I think the boys played well. I was quite surprised to notice that they have grown well, physique's wise, and they seem to know what they were doing on the field. It was really a far cry from the earlier days when "they could not hit a ball to even save their lives" comments would be not be really off the mark.

But I agreed that they need to come into the game running, not walking around half-awake. In defence of the Duckies though, that must have been the after effect of the plates of nasi goreng ayam and nasi goreng ayam madu saud that we 'threw' in their direction straight into their bellies just before the game. So remember, no nasi for Ipoh!!!

Keep it up guys. We might be in for something good this time around.

P.S. - Yengkoz had passed a resolution to sponsor a banner for the National Tournament in Ipoh. Now we only need to agree on the design.

MigDuck KK Trip


Live from the highway.

Ezam picked me up. But only after making an unscheduled detour to Bangi.

Am now waiting for Ruff@Joe's Place.

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Monday, May 17, 2010


Apple's iPhone replaces Blackberry for some bankers

SINGAPORE, May 17 - British bank Standard Chartered is replacing the Blackberry, currently its standard corporate communication device, with the iPhone, a move that could eventually result in thousands of its bankers switching to the Apple device for business communication on the go.

Read more at The Malaysian Insider.

Shhh...keep this between us Biebers. Do not let this piece of news anywhere near the iPhoneista...hahaha...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The post race report.

Let's begin with things before the race. Ajak, Hairul, Din and myself went together in anticipation of the huge crowd. However, we arrived slightly off the schedule, and as a result, we were scrambling for the registration, putting up our numbers and boarding the transit buses. Toy who arrived earlier was not helping either with his panic SMS - tayar bas dah nak bergolek yeop!!! - :)

We split up then and were taken to our respective checkpoints in separate buses. We were incommunicado then. The guys must be taking this race very seriously as nobody was picking up the phone. By then, I can only hope for the best.

Being the fourth runner, I was taken to the third checkpoint situated near the junction before the bridge in front of the MOF building. I must have waited for slightly less than 1 hour before Toy emerged with his trademark strong run (only the belly is quite showing these days, hahaha) with the black tasuki (sash). After exchanging the sash, I continued the run started by Ajak and Din. I started off quite fast but quickly came to my senses as I realised that I will not be able to maintain that pace for the whole stretch. I then slowed down to a more comfortable pace and proceeded tp complete my share of the 15km route.

From the checkpoint, I ran on to the bridge, took right in front of the MOF, took a left at the junction beside KPDNKK and then proceeded to fourth checkpoint near the Wisma Putra junction.

Nearing the checkpoint, I picked up a bit before passing the sash over to Hairul. Hairul sped off straightaway and in no time, he was out of sight. I then walked to the finishing line in front of the Palace of Justice. It was quite sometime before I rejoined the team and took the above picture before adjourning to Coffee Village.

We finished 91st out of 200-odd teams competing in the open category. Well, not bad. Not bad at all, hahaha.

It was fun and healthy way to get together. We enjoyed it very much and we have medals and certificates to show for it.

I have little qualms about the organisation of the event. But I feel the pre-race registration could be improved. But since we arrived a bit late, we can't complain much, can we? All in all, it was a good event.

Update 17 May 2010 - I forgot. There is another complaint actually, voiced out by Hairul and shared by me. There was no distance marker at the race. It would be very helpful if the organiser put up the markers.


The finishing line from Hairul's point of view :)

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At the finishing line. Am not sure whether Hairul is already here.

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Live from Putrajaya.

Am now at the 3rd checkpoint. Ajak is the first runner, to be followed by Din, Toy, myself and lastly Hairul.

Did not get to take the pre-race team photo as we arrived just in time this morning. Maybe can have one after the run.

All the best!!!

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Friday, May 14, 2010


Itulah...abah dah cakap tadi. Jangan ikut. Duduk rumah dengan abang, temankan mama.

Sekarang dah sampai tertidur pun. Ni bagi kerja kat abah la ni. Abah la yang nak kena angkat ni.

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2 days to the run.

Am at the International Youth Centre to collect the race kit. Lucky to come early and get it done with. From the look of it, I expect it to be a messy affair and can be worse if teams come in droves to collect the kit given the reportedly 1000 teams had confirmed to participate.

Thanks to Hooha Asia,there is a separate counter for those who registered online.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


I don't write about food that much. Just to break the stereotype usually and conveniently attached to fat people, I guess. When skinny people write about food, that's because they enjoy their food - they are called connoiseurs. When fat people write about food, they'd say that's all they can think about. Hey, we fat people think about other things too, just so you know.

Jalan-jalan cari makan is KNizam's area, fleshed out in his makanmalaya blog, which, contrary to the name, had gone international recently as the contents these days include makan-makan Pakistan as well.

However, a recent NST's write up on some of the good food up North caught my attention today and I think worthy to be rehashed here. The write up was very informative, chronicling some of the places of good food (according to the writer) in Kedah. Most of the places are from Alor Setar and further up.

Out of the 10 places mentioned in the article, I have been only to Laksa Teluk Kechai. I however found that the laksa to watery to my liking and have tasted better at home. I think my mother makes better laksa. I have probably tasted Mee Abu at Mpro's house or with Pak Tuan Syed but cannot say for sure.

You can read more here TOP PICKS: Northern Delicacies. But I think the name is quite misleading. The foods in the article are not necessarily northern food. What is northern food anyway? More apt, I'd say - 'Good Food Up North' or something like that.

Mee Bandung Tulang@Old Village Restaurant and Lodgings,
 Lot 4261, Kampung Sakan, Jalan Datuk Kumbar - NST Pic

KNO, jom JJCM, ada berani???

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I will be running again this Saturday, 16/5. It will be held in Putrajaya, in front of the beautiful Palace of Justice.

This time however, the distance is shorter. It's a 15 km relay event. The length will be divided between 5 runners, which means each will run 3 km. I was made to understand that the run was inspired by the Japanese ancient courier tradition. Each team team will be given a sash or tasuki in place of a baton, to be exchanged between runners in the designated Exchange Zone.

I will be joined by Ajak, Toy, Hairul and Din for the run. We haven't decided on the order of runners just yet. But so far the understanding is that the fittest of the 5, either Ajak or Hairul, will have to be the anchor.

The preparation? Well, I have been running every other day since last Friday averaging 6,7 km on the treadmill and on the track on Sunday morning. Tried to spice the training with intervals and normal endurance. Should be ok, I hope.

Below's the route for the run.

I will try to write a lengthy post race report.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Tony Stark's the man.

He's funny, witty, speaks French, a genius, wealthy beyond belief (he sold weapons for a living), incredibly fit and he has an impressive collection of Audi cars. He adds another car during the meeting, it was an R8, if I am not mistaken. The man is also generous - he gave one of his expensive watches in exchange for a box of strawberries. And he's confident enough to wear impeccably tailored suits with bell bottom pants.

Tony Stark managed to keep both Aily and I entertained for the two-hour appointment. He took us to a Senate hearing in the D.C., his birthday party, Monaco Grand Prix (where he met Whiplash for the first time) and a donut eatery. He tried to include a trip to Venice but that party pooper secretary of his struck it down.

However, his alter ego was not impressive enough. The fights fell short of our high expectation and Whiplash did not count much for an opponent or arch-enemy, if you may. What arch enemy if one gets knocked out in one fight (the earlier encounter shoould not count as Tony was caught unprepared!!!). The 'unwanted sidekick', the US Army Lt. Colonel, was a nuisance. Batman learnt well to limit Robin for just one outing, hahaha. Ironman should be wise enough to kick him out of our next meeting. And Ironman is more than adequate to take on Whiplash or any other villain for that matter, alone.

We would like to see you again, Tony.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Am taking Aily to see Tony Stark as her Mother's Day treat at GSC Gardens. Please do not disturb us for the next couple of hours.

Let's see whether Tony's worth it.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010


This boy saw his brother being featured in the blog and he wanted in too.

One more thing, of course the father being trigger happy with live blogging, hahaha...

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It's not easy being a Standard One student these days. There are tonnes of homework to be completed and there is never enough time.

Life's easier during my time. There wasn't much homework to be done and there was always spare time for games and tv.

Wonder whether this the right method to learn. Growing up should be fun. Hopefully, Emil's having fun too.

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For posterity, I will just put few extra lines on the infection.

It came as no surprise given the constant pressure from members of the CluBB, led by the self-crowned President (who's by the way is still with the older Bold version, hahaha). Though I was completely at peace with the (t)rusty Samsung and was completely at ease with Windows Mobile platform, I was made to feel like an impotent by the BB'ers (pronounced Biebers). The last straw was the Yengkoz Bowling at Alamanda on the 1st of May where everyone whipped out BBs like nobody's business. The owner of the bowling alley must have thought that it was a RIM-sponsored event (he would have realised that it was not if he joined the prize giving ceremony as La'ba the Champion was presented with Crown Lubricants). Yes, it was pure peer pressure and keeping up with the Jo(e)neses!!! (And of course, the Aily factor, hehehe).

It was hard parting with the Samsung. I was with it for approximately 2 years and truth be told, I was quite attached to it. The Windows Mobile platform was very friendly and easy to use. But, I am now slowly falling in love with my BB and with all it has to offer. The best has got to be the BB Messenger. The covenience of e-mails, etc. I can also do live blogging (you must be proud!!!). I downloaded a whole book and a comic book last night. Like Apple, there are many Apps on offer but before I invite anger of the iPhoneista, let me concede that Apple is ahead in this.

Now, can I get something from RIM for this testimony?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


knizam - am so live blogging after this,hahaha...

Screwboy - the view from my BB.Cannot think of any other way to announce that I have been infected!!!

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