Sunday, May 16, 2010


The post race report.

Let's begin with things before the race. Ajak, Hairul, Din and myself went together in anticipation of the huge crowd. However, we arrived slightly off the schedule, and as a result, we were scrambling for the registration, putting up our numbers and boarding the transit buses. Toy who arrived earlier was not helping either with his panic SMS - tayar bas dah nak bergolek yeop!!! - :)

We split up then and were taken to our respective checkpoints in separate buses. We were incommunicado then. The guys must be taking this race very seriously as nobody was picking up the phone. By then, I can only hope for the best.

Being the fourth runner, I was taken to the third checkpoint situated near the junction before the bridge in front of the MOF building. I must have waited for slightly less than 1 hour before Toy emerged with his trademark strong run (only the belly is quite showing these days, hahaha) with the black tasuki (sash). After exchanging the sash, I continued the run started by Ajak and Din. I started off quite fast but quickly came to my senses as I realised that I will not be able to maintain that pace for the whole stretch. I then slowed down to a more comfortable pace and proceeded tp complete my share of the 15km route.

From the checkpoint, I ran on to the bridge, took right in front of the MOF, took a left at the junction beside KPDNKK and then proceeded to fourth checkpoint near the Wisma Putra junction.

Nearing the checkpoint, I picked up a bit before passing the sash over to Hairul. Hairul sped off straightaway and in no time, he was out of sight. I then walked to the finishing line in front of the Palace of Justice. It was quite sometime before I rejoined the team and took the above picture before adjourning to Coffee Village.

We finished 91st out of 200-odd teams competing in the open category. Well, not bad. Not bad at all, hahaha.

It was fun and healthy way to get together. We enjoyed it very much and we have medals and certificates to show for it.

I have little qualms about the organisation of the event. But I feel the pre-race registration could be improved. But since we arrived a bit late, we can't complain much, can we? All in all, it was a good event.

Update 17 May 2010 - I forgot. There is another complaint actually, voiced out by Hairul and shared by me. There was no distance marker at the race. It would be very helpful if the organiser put up the markers.


KNizam said...

whoa main2 lari pass baton plak ek

abah said...


ada variety sikit. seronok jugak, macam hari sukan sekolah, hahaha