Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I will be running again this Saturday, 16/5. It will be held in Putrajaya, in front of the beautiful Palace of Justice.

This time however, the distance is shorter. It's a 15 km relay event. The length will be divided between 5 runners, which means each will run 3 km. I was made to understand that the run was inspired by the Japanese ancient courier tradition. Each team team will be given a sash or tasuki in place of a baton, to be exchanged between runners in the designated Exchange Zone.

I will be joined by Ajak, Toy, Hairul and Din for the run. We haven't decided on the order of runners just yet. But so far the understanding is that the fittest of the 5, either Ajak or Hairul, will have to be the anchor.

The preparation? Well, I have been running every other day since last Friday averaging 6,7 km on the treadmill and on the track on Sunday morning. Tried to spice the training with intervals and normal endurance. Should be ok, I hope.

Below's the route for the run.

I will try to write a lengthy post race report.


e-com said...

16 may - sunday epit

anyway gud lak...start what time?

abah said...

Start 8.00 pagi. datanglah memberi sokongan...hahaha. Lepas lari boleh mengeteh.