Thursday, May 06, 2010


It's not easy being a Standard One student these days. There are tonnes of homework to be completed and there is never enough time.

Life's easier during my time. There wasn't much homework to be done and there was always spare time for games and tv.

Wonder whether this the right method to learn. Growing up should be fun. Hopefully, Emil's having fun too.

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joe said...

somehow sekolah anak aku ni, aku tengok homework takde le berjela2 and bertimbun2. ok lagi la.

peghh.. siap tampal segala macam table kat dinding bilk anak

epit said...

We discover Emil's a slow writer. So ada je satu dua line yang kena buat kat rumah everyday.

table tu not for him. it's for the other hero.

joe said...

adam ok la, tapi tulisan dia.. tu dia aihh.. ikut mood nak tulis macam mana..

adam a bit slow on the language part, nak2 pemahaman BM. mak pak engineer, jadi haru bab2 bahasa ni hahaha