Sunday, May 23, 2010

MigDuck KK Trip


We have arrived. 1 hour later than planned.

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I was live-blogging and mobile-uploading my FB simultaneuosly yesterday, all for the benefit of other Bapak Iteks who could not make the trip this time. The mobile uploads were ok but I cannot get through my blog. I then decided to stop putting in entries and stick to FB.

On to the main agenda. The trip was for us to oversee the MigDucks playing a friendly against the Old Boys Team as part of the preparation for the upcoming Nationals. On personal level, this would be my first appearance after an absence of slightly over a year from 'actual scenes of the action'. An absence which had been much derided by the other Bapa Iteks. (If it's any consolation, it felt good to be back, hahaha).

For analysis of the friendly match according to Ruff, below (in red) :

The team becomes more "junior" as we go along. There's only 7 F4s and 2 F3s in the team now and 6 F1s and F2s.

Mr Thaman allowed more and more F1/F2 to play especially in friendly series, which means we need more friendly series if they were to reach the potential by the time they are F3s.

Quite scary for national tournament this year a...s our team might be one of the most junior (orang lain semua F4), but it's a good investment for the future :-)

MCOBA won 5 - 3. The boys slept the first quarter and allowed 2 goals; struggling to find the right rhythm.

Then they woke up ha ha, equalised at 2-2 until end of 2nd quarter. In 3rd quarter it became 3-2, then 3-3.

MCOBA scored 2 more goals in the last quarter.

Personally, I think the boys played well. I was quite surprised to notice that they have grown well, physique's wise, and they seem to know what they were doing on the field. It was really a far cry from the earlier days when "they could not hit a ball to even save their lives" comments would be not be really off the mark.

But I agreed that they need to come into the game running, not walking around half-awake. In defence of the Duckies though, that must have been the after effect of the plates of nasi goreng ayam and nasi goreng ayam madu saud that we 'threw' in their direction straight into their bellies just before the game. So remember, no nasi for Ipoh!!!

Keep it up guys. We might be in for something good this time around.

P.S. - Yengkoz had passed a resolution to sponsor a banner for the National Tournament in Ipoh. Now we only need to agree on the design.

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