Monday, May 10, 2010


Tony Stark's the man.

He's funny, witty, speaks French, a genius, wealthy beyond belief (he sold weapons for a living), incredibly fit and he has an impressive collection of Audi cars. He adds another car during the meeting, it was an R8, if I am not mistaken. The man is also generous - he gave one of his expensive watches in exchange for a box of strawberries. And he's confident enough to wear impeccably tailored suits with bell bottom pants.

Tony Stark managed to keep both Aily and I entertained for the two-hour appointment. He took us to a Senate hearing in the D.C., his birthday party, Monaco Grand Prix (where he met Whiplash for the first time) and a donut eatery. He tried to include a trip to Venice but that party pooper secretary of his struck it down.

However, his alter ego was not impressive enough. The fights fell short of our high expectation and Whiplash did not count much for an opponent or arch-enemy, if you may. What arch enemy if one gets knocked out in one fight (the earlier encounter shoould not count as Tony was caught unprepared!!!). The 'unwanted sidekick', the US Army Lt. Colonel, was a nuisance. Batman learnt well to limit Robin for just one outing, hahaha. Ironman should be wise enough to kick him out of our next meeting. And Ironman is more than adequate to take on Whiplash or any other villain for that matter, alone.

We would like to see you again, Tony.


joe said...

more airtime for agent romanoff!

abah said...

yezza...that too.

But I can't say that out loud, can I?