Thursday, May 06, 2010


For posterity, I will just put few extra lines on the infection.

It came as no surprise given the constant pressure from members of the CluBB, led by the self-crowned President (who's by the way is still with the older Bold version, hahaha). Though I was completely at peace with the (t)rusty Samsung and was completely at ease with Windows Mobile platform, I was made to feel like an impotent by the BB'ers (pronounced Biebers). The last straw was the Yengkoz Bowling at Alamanda on the 1st of May where everyone whipped out BBs like nobody's business. The owner of the bowling alley must have thought that it was a RIM-sponsored event (he would have realised that it was not if he joined the prize giving ceremony as La'ba the Champion was presented with Crown Lubricants). Yes, it was pure peer pressure and keeping up with the Jo(e)neses!!! (And of course, the Aily factor, hehehe).

It was hard parting with the Samsung. I was with it for approximately 2 years and truth be told, I was quite attached to it. The Windows Mobile platform was very friendly and easy to use. But, I am now slowly falling in love with my BB and with all it has to offer. The best has got to be the BB Messenger. The covenience of e-mails, etc. I can also do live blogging (you must be proud!!!). I downloaded a whole book and a comic book last night. Like Apple, there are many Apps on offer but before I invite anger of the iPhoneista, let me concede that Apple is ahead in this.

Now, can I get something from RIM for this testimony?


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laju je iphoneista sampai

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iphone ada apps untuk detect eh?