Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Caution: I am not an F1 fan.

Alonso won on that day. But not a 'real win'. Massa had to let him pass and in the process deprived the fans of a potentially nail-biting duel. A duel was not good for the team as anything can happen. A possible 1-2 could end up with nothing at all. And the team was fined for that. Many people are not happy including this one.

This however, is not unique to F1. Yengkoz had our own team order last year, happened during the MCOBA Futsal Tournament. As we progressed, we suddenly we found out that 2 of the 3 teams that we sent to the competition had to face each other in the loser's pool semi-finals (or was it quarter finals?).

Being the lesser team of the 2, a team order was issued against my team. We were to lose so the other team can advance safely and compete for a podium finish !!! Damnnn.

And lose we did. It wasn't easy as we had to act serious and curb the suspicion of us throwing away our game. The other team progressed but I can't remember the exact outcome of the tournament.

Anyway, MCOBA Futsal 2010 will be held this Saturday. We are sending 2 teams this year to stand for our honour and to fight with valour, hahahaha...good luck. Am not playing this year. I am still reeling from the aftermath of the team order...

Saturday, July 24, 2010


The tournament resumed with the first game played at 10 am. We were up against the tournament favourite, SMS Machang. We had no choice but to win.

Fate would not have it as we lost 1-2, with their winning goal came through as a result of brief lapse in the defence department. SMS Machang grabbed the slot in the fight for the championship. What's left for us then was to fight for a slot in the game for the 3rd/4th qualification. But in order to do that, we needed to only draw against STAR.

Long story short, we won against STAR (with the bragging rights, of course, hahaha) and got a shot at finishing the tournament in 3rd place. We were due to battle it out against SMS Selangor.

The game was played at 5 pm. All the Bapak Iteks pooled our meagre resources in the audio department and cheered for the team from the first whistle. The stadium's roof almost came down when the boys went 1 up in the 3rd minute. Much to our amusement, the TKC girls and SERATAS chipped in to cheer for the boys too (no wonder STAR had so much bone to pick with us. They never get the girls).
But SMS Selangor replied with 3 goals, all from penalty corner set pieces. Despite the vigourous cheering and all the opportunities, we failed to sound the board. Full time, MCKK 1, SMSS 3 and we are placed 4th in the tournament.

In my eyes, the boys fought gallantly throughout the tournament. They could have done better no doubt but it would not be fair to schools who were better and more prepared than us. As Mr. Anand said, we are already knocking on the doors of victory, but we have to keep knocking until the doors are open.

Well done boys - winning and losing is part of the game. The difference is in how you deal with them and come out as better person.


Collectively, we had decided that the MigDuck Project is now officially over and this was the last tournament that shall witness our heavy involvement. We are moving on. But some of us will still be around to see through some things that we started like the Annual Camping and the MigDuck Cup.

On personal level, I have tendered my 'resignation' from the team. I no longer have the space and time to be a part of this project and hence I don't intend to be a mere passenger (well, I haven't been contributing much anyway, hahaha) in whatever that will come after this and take credit for things I don't actually do.

But you can always count on my support. After all, it was me and my big mouth that got us in this. If it's any consolation, I have learnt my lesson and have learnt them well, hahaha...

To all Bapak Iteks, thank you, thank you and thank you again.

To MigDuckies, keep on knocking, rain or shine.

-what is MigDuck without the drama-

Hahaha, so true, so true...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


1st day report: 3 games - 1 win v. SDAR; 2 draws v. SHAH Pekan & SAS.

The boys through to the 2nd round and live to fight another day. They were good in the first game but things went downhill a bit in the games that we drew. In all honesty, we were riding a lot on our luck in the last 'do or die' game against SAS. SAS blew at least 3 point blank chances which could have been easily converted and send us packing. We prevailed in the end.

But, tomorrow's another story.

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I will be on the road today. To Ipoh.

Take a couple of days off from work and realities and go watch kids of MigDuck battling it out at the Nationals, and spend some boys' time with the usual suspects along the way. At the moment, am at KL Sentral waiting for Radin to pick me up.

In retrospect, we are all always on the road. Journey is a constant thing in life. The end of one travel is always the beginning of another.

To the kids of MigDuck, good luck in the Nationals. Hope you guys will get through the tournament as victors.

Letks just have some fun.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dad moved to tears as son escapes gallows

July 21, 2010KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 — A man broke down in the High Court here today when his son was acquitted and discharged on a drug trafficking charge, which carried the mandatory death sentence, and for drug possession two years ago.

Adam Tong could not control his emotions upon hearing judge Datuk Ghazali Cha order his son, Sadiq Saiful Adam Tong, to be acquitted and released of the charges.

Tong’s two other children were seen pacifying their father who was sobbing uncontrollably.

Unemployed Sadiq Saiful, 29, was charged with trafficking in 27.6g of heroin and possessing 0.96g of nimetazepam at No 3-14-4, Pantai Hill Park, Phase 2, Jalan Pantai Dalam here on May 16, 2008.

In his judgment, Ghazali Cha said that the defence had succeeded in raising reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case.

He said there were also contradictions on whether Sadiq Saiful was alone or with a girlfriend on the day of the incident, although this had been denied by the woman.

Deputy public prosecutor Mohd Mukhzany Fariz Mohd Mokhtar prosecuted while Sadiq Saiful was represented by lawyer Gooi Soon Seng, who was assisted by lawyers S. Selvi and Mak Kah Keong. — Bernama

Parents' love knows no bounds.
Let us all hope that we would never cause our parents to shed their precious tears for us for all the wrong reasons. And hopefully, when the time comes, our little charges will return the favour to us too, Insya Allah.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Focus. In black. Even prettier. Even more beautiful.

Autocar, July '10 describes it as winner, the most balanced C-segment car one can buy and a worthy alternative to the usual Japanese sedans. Good words indeed. Plus, it's a diesel - a nice option in view of the recent and upcoming fuel hikes.

Can' afford it at the moment though, sadly :)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Dark skies over KL earlier today. Am sure many KLites were not too glad with the increasing darkness as its end result usually mean later arrival to their homes. Lucky I don't work in KL. Taken from the fourth floor of Suria KLCC.

In case anybody's asking, I was on an official duty. It so happened that I brought my camera along.

More pics here.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Emil went for his karate grading on Sunday, his third since he started learning the martial arts back in December 2008. The grading was decentralised unlike the previous two, so it was held at the dojo, karateworks at Bandar Seri Putra.

Long story short, he passed and moved from green to blue. The examiners pointed out areas that he needs to work on further, especially on the weak stances.

I always believe that learning martial arts is a good thing. More often than not, most people fear that by learning martial arts, we are teaching our kids the violent ways. The truth is, there is more to karate, or any other martial arts for that matter, than kicks and punches. Most importantly, it teaches the kids about restrain. And also about being humble.

More pics here. More about the karate school - karateworks.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here's something we don't do very often,hahaha...having coffee early on a Saturday morning right smack in the middle of the KUALA LUMPUR.

It's nice - private time,minus the kids. Let's do this more frequent.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010


It's going to be a busy month by my standard. Have registered myself for 2 running events. One is slated in the middle of the month and another will be a night run on the last day of the month. The Siemens Run, to be held on the 18th will get me running on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. It shall be my first time pounding the streets of KL in running mode, after traversing them since the last 13 years either on foot in walking mode or on motorised wheels, 2 and 4. I shall be receiving my race kit via mail some time next week.

The tagline for the race is "What are you running for?" Well, I haven't decided.

The next race is the Shape & Men's Health Night Run in Putrajaya. I will be running alongside Jures, Chamat and Mior who will be flying from Sydney for the event (Mior's on holiday actually). Am looking forward to the run and the lepak session after the race. Also looking forward to the RM300 worth of goods to be given by the sponsors to all runners upon completing the run. No medal for sure as the medals will be given only to the top 75 runners.

Now, let's get started on the training!!!


Am bored looking at the same thing day in and day out. That shall explain the trickling of the postings of late. Decided to give it a new look.