Saturday, July 24, 2010


The tournament resumed with the first game played at 10 am. We were up against the tournament favourite, SMS Machang. We had no choice but to win.

Fate would not have it as we lost 1-2, with their winning goal came through as a result of brief lapse in the defence department. SMS Machang grabbed the slot in the fight for the championship. What's left for us then was to fight for a slot in the game for the 3rd/4th qualification. But in order to do that, we needed to only draw against STAR.

Long story short, we won against STAR (with the bragging rights, of course, hahaha) and got a shot at finishing the tournament in 3rd place. We were due to battle it out against SMS Selangor.

The game was played at 5 pm. All the Bapak Iteks pooled our meagre resources in the audio department and cheered for the team from the first whistle. The stadium's roof almost came down when the boys went 1 up in the 3rd minute. Much to our amusement, the TKC girls and SERATAS chipped in to cheer for the boys too (no wonder STAR had so much bone to pick with us. They never get the girls).
But SMS Selangor replied with 3 goals, all from penalty corner set pieces. Despite the vigourous cheering and all the opportunities, we failed to sound the board. Full time, MCKK 1, SMSS 3 and we are placed 4th in the tournament.

In my eyes, the boys fought gallantly throughout the tournament. They could have done better no doubt but it would not be fair to schools who were better and more prepared than us. As Mr. Anand said, we are already knocking on the doors of victory, but we have to keep knocking until the doors are open.

Well done boys - winning and losing is part of the game. The difference is in how you deal with them and come out as better person.


Collectively, we had decided that the MigDuck Project is now officially over and this was the last tournament that shall witness our heavy involvement. We are moving on. But some of us will still be around to see through some things that we started like the Annual Camping and the MigDuck Cup.

On personal level, I have tendered my 'resignation' from the team. I no longer have the space and time to be a part of this project and hence I don't intend to be a mere passenger (well, I haven't been contributing much anyway, hahaha) in whatever that will come after this and take credit for things I don't actually do.

But you can always count on my support. After all, it was me and my big mouth that got us in this. If it's any consolation, I have learnt my lesson and have learnt them well, hahaha...

To all Bapak Iteks, thank you, thank you and thank you again.

To MigDuckies, keep on knocking, rain or shine.

-what is MigDuck without the drama-

Hahaha, so true, so true...

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Noni Kapet said...

budak STAR jaki ngn kita bukan sbb they don't get the girls.

they don't get US ha ha ha. apa la epit tak paham2 :-p

e27 said...

Budak STAR tak jambu. hitam-hitam semua.