Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Truth is, this was one race that I least prepared for given the 1 and half month hibernation during fasting month and the open house. On top of the unpreparedness, I also carried the after effects of endless gorging of lemang, rendang, ketupat, nasi dagang and samprits.

The runners were let off at exactly 7.30 am. The route was the Bukit Tunku route which was famous for its undulating terrain. I made it my goal that day that I will not bow down to the challenge of Bukit Tunku, hahaha...and I made it. Went in and out of Bukit Tunku non-stop. But I did stop after 40 minute mark - right in front of the Parliament. I was listening to my body - somebody said failure to listen to your body will bring you grave consequences, hahaha...From there onwards, it was run-walk-run-walk-run until the finishing line.

I made it slightly under the 1 hour mark. 59 minutes to exact, hahaha...Not too proud of the time, but proud nevertheless as it was another race finished.

Below are some pictures.


joe said...

apsal nombor hang tulis tangan? illegal runner ke? heheh

epit said...


hang perasan no???

organiser bagi aku extra slot. late registration.