Wednesday, October 20, 2010



You are now 7!!! Do you realise it? You are a big boy now. Dah boleh sunat. We probably do that during your year end school holiday. Do you know that now I can whack you if you miss your prayers? I think you know.

Have a go at the pictures of your birthday at my flickr.

We are still at a loss of things to get for your birthday. We bought you an Al-Quran because you've said you want one for yourself. I know you and Eiddin would be happy if we got you an Ipod Touch but that's out of the question at the moment. Some more, you already have the PSP! Uncle Joe suggested that we get you the NERF gun, like the one he bought for his sons . He said then we can get all of you together for a shoot out. We will have to think about that.

Thank you for the times you are with us. I must admit that it is not rosy all the time between you and Mama and Abah. You are growing up and we are learning too. Believe us when we say that we only want the best for you. We want you to be the best there is in whatever that you do. Sure you do get a lot of scolding but that is part of the process, hehehe...

Now that you are 7, you must act like one. A 7 year old boy do not quarrel with his little brother over toys or the choice of tv channels. A 7 year old should sleep in his own room on his own. A 7 year old should be more independent and not be clingy to his parents anymore.

You should now be able to think of what's good and what's not. You have to cease shouting at Eiddin and stop throwing tantrums if things do not go as you wish.

Please however to continue to be the good boy that you are. A little tweak here and there will make you even better. Don't slack on your studies though all seems easy for you now. It will get harder, believe me.

One more thing, soon I will have to take you out on a serious exercise because it does not escape our attention that your waistline has been increasing by the day.

That's all for now. I will write to you again soon. Meanwhile, please remember that Abah and Mama love you very much. Happy 7th Birthday and have fun for the coming year.

Until later.

Love, hugs and kisses,

Abah & Mama

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