Thursday, November 24, 2011


We had Emil circumcised yesterday. A big day for him without doubt, though its timing was a unilateral decision on our part, Aily and I. Naturally he was asking for it to be deferred. Indefinitely of course.

Of late, Emil had developed chronic fear of needles and injections. There was this one time that he made a disappearing act at the clinic as Aily and the medical assistant were preparing to take his blood sample. One other incident, he had almost ruptured the doctor's eardrums as he was injected with antibiotics.

That being the case, we decided that his circumcision would be carried out under GA which means he will be fully sedated and asleep during the procedure. The mean father in me preferred him to be awake so that he will experience the pain that he has to endure to become a man. And plus, we told him that being awake will give him something to tell his children later when he's a father himself. That was my sentiment but of course reasons prevailed. So full GA it is.

By 3pm, Emil was prepped and sedated. As I was temporarily a handicap, Aily went with him in the OT for I would not be of much help with only one good hand. The actual snip was only done at about 5pm.

Since Emil was still groggy due to the sedation, we were advised that he should spend the night at the hospital for obervation. By that time, Emil was more upset about his empty stomach and stated his position rather obviously. The 'dismemberment' and the resulting pain below was not his priority, apparently. He got his meal of bubur ayam McD at about 9.30pm courtesy of his UncleSu.

On the accomodation, we had wished for a single but there was no vacant room so we had to settle down for 6-bed ward. Sigh...I leave it to you to imagine the 'ambience' of 6-bed ward. Enough said.

I stayed with him at the hospital. Good opportunity for father-son moments as we talked and ate before going to sleep. One of the more poignant question that he asked and touched a raw nerve was, "Nanti apa Emil nak cerita kat anak Emil sebab Emil tido masa bersunat?". Told him, after a brief pause, that he will have many more experience to gather and to share with his children should one day he becomes a father.

As I am writing this, we are patiently waiting for the doctor to make his round and gives the OK for discharge. We are expecting to be home not later than afternoon.


joe said...

cayalah Emil. ingatkan hang nak buat kat eddin sekali harung.

yg pentingnya..

ada update siot!

abah said...


never lose faith in me, bro!!!