Sunday, February 26, 2012


Am on the road heading up north, going 'home' for the second time in as many days.
The first trip yesterday's was to 'home' in Kuala Kangsar to witness the second edition of MCKK Premier 7s. I was joined by Sharap, Abon, Syamkimball, Atfie and Ezam. All heavyweights. Rolling in my Grandis with the total passengers' weight of whopping 595 kg, we wondered how on earth that we managed to reach KK in just 2 hours time from Kelana Jaya. But whatever doubts about Grandis' ability (engine & suspension) was surely dispelled yesterday.

Though unspoken, I think all of us would not deny that the event was just an excuse, as always, hahaha..the trip actually was to get our much needed dosage of Kuala Kangsar's air (and food, of course). As it was a day trip, we did not get much save for the compulsory Nasik Saud and cendol. Despite the complaint that the taste of Nasik Saud has gone down, one of life's certainties is that we are sure to be back the next time we are here :)

Anyhow, short as the trip may be, we agreed that we had good fun. Sharap was complaining that his jaw was aching because of the laughs and shouting from the sidelines.

The second trip today, to home in Sungai Petani, however, is inevitable and a direct contrast from yesterday. It is a trip that I know I would have to make one day and sadly today the time has come. The time has come for Tok be called 'home' to Allah this morning and am back to lay her down to her final resting place. Tok passed away due to sickness related to old age.

May Allah bless her kind soul, grant her peace and bless her with Jannah.


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Friday, February 17, 2012


PUAS hati!!!

The weekend is here and am very glad to kick it off with something I have not been doing for quite some time. Running that is.

It was a short run by anyone's standard but still a run nevertheless. It was only for slightly less than 4km. Completed within 30 minutes, giving me an average of 7 and a half minutes per km. I will take that at the moment.

The legs felt like a thousand tonnes brick after the first km and the urge to stop was so great. Shook it off and pulled myself through until the last stretch.

Good enough for now, at least.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I could have taken the easy way out and blame the grinds of daily life for the lack of posting in this blog. Or I can say that I am now following Ronan Keating's advice " said it best when you say nothing at all". Or even better, I could do a KNO and blame it on losing the blogging mojo. But I want to be a man and to be a man I need to own up.

Where did it go wrong?

It's Twitter. It has taken over my online life. It has taken a hold on me and the grip is only getting more firm by the day. It dominates me. It's overwhelming.

Being on Twitter is easy. It's like sitting on the roadside and watching people and the world go by. Those who you fancy, you throw a line or two. And they know that you are throwing them the lines. You need not know the person. You can say something good, intelligent, stupid or even mean in just 140 characters. You can pick fights too. You don't need a story to tweet. If you are lazy, you can be a parrot and just repeat what other people say. To show support, you can just put in "+1". It's great, isn't it? It's that easy. And it's all done only with 140 characters. It's more fun.

Putting up an entry requires effort and some proper work. You need to think and put in proper sentences. It's serious work. You need to have an opening, the body and the conclusion. And obviously you need a story too.

Ok, that's been said, I will try to put in more entry from today onwards. No, I will not do Wordless Wednesdays. That's cheating, hahaha...

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