Sunday, February 12, 2012


I could have taken the easy way out and blame the grinds of daily life for the lack of posting in this blog. Or I can say that I am now following Ronan Keating's advice " said it best when you say nothing at all". Or even better, I could do a KNO and blame it on losing the blogging mojo. But I want to be a man and to be a man I need to own up.

Where did it go wrong?

It's Twitter. It has taken over my online life. It has taken a hold on me and the grip is only getting more firm by the day. It dominates me. It's overwhelming.

Being on Twitter is easy. It's like sitting on the roadside and watching people and the world go by. Those who you fancy, you throw a line or two. And they know that you are throwing them the lines. You need not know the person. You can say something good, intelligent, stupid or even mean in just 140 characters. You can pick fights too. You don't need a story to tweet. If you are lazy, you can be a parrot and just repeat what other people say. To show support, you can just put in "+1". It's great, isn't it? It's that easy. And it's all done only with 140 characters. It's more fun.

Putting up an entry requires effort and some proper work. You need to think and put in proper sentences. It's serious work. You need to have an opening, the body and the conclusion. And obviously you need a story too.

Ok, that's been said, I will try to put in more entry from today onwards. No, I will not do Wordless Wednesdays. That's cheating, hahaha...

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KNizam said...

org pun ada twitter gak weiiiii hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Nak kopipes entry ni letak kat pun boleh. Tak de hal, muahahah