Saturday, April 14, 2012

Am publicly transporting the family via KTM Komuter today. Aily's not around though. She's in JB from Thursday and will only be back later today.

A short trip to Seremban and the boys are understandably excited. Hence the thumbs up.

However, at the time of posting, the Komuter is already 10 minutes of its schedule, so the thumbs up are definitely not for the timing. Hopefully we'll get to board the new coach. That sure can make up for the lost time. Luckily, it's lazy Saturday and the only goal for the day is to reach Seremban safely.


KNizam said...

wow! liveblogging somemore!

Nana said...

blog-hopped and landed here..

Epit! I'm stalking you now! Haha..

ZZnoor said...

blogging is great!! thats what thumbs up for..hihi..

now i'm following u..