Sunday, April 01, 2012


I am a liar, hahaha...

I told/tell lies to my kids. Some were told to keep them in line and to get them to behave while some were told for me to have some silly fun at their expense. Some still stand while most they have already figured out.

Some of the lies I told to Emil and Eiddin over the years:

1. That otak-otak is made from brains taken out from the heads of bad kids caught doing bad things;

2. That Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup is a real place hidden somewhere in the mountains;

3. That the headless/faceless mannequins are my friends and they eat children all the time (only worked for Emil when he was small. Didn't work for Eiddin);

4. That I am giving them up for adoption;

5. That I will not let go Eiddin's hands when we're in the deeper end of swimming pools (he will be reeling mad when I do this);

6. That the long face they pulled or smirks they put up on their faces will be permanent if they do it long enough;

7. There was one time, after their incessant monkeying with accompanying monkey sound effects, Aily & I pretended that we only heard monkey sounds coming out of their mouths even when they've stopped doing it. That scared them real good.

There were many others and the list above is not by any means, exhaustive, hahaha

Ya Allah, ampunkanlah hambaMu ini...

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joe said...

Anak beruk mat yeh?

ZZnoor said...

i like no. 1.. haha