Friday, July 13, 2012


Am on leave today. Need to settle a few things on the home front in the morning and then off to the hospital with Aily for her check up. Pregnancy check-up that is.

Yes, our prayers have been answered. We are going to have another baby. A new addition to the family. Another offspring. Another fruit of my loins. Another gift from Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Aily is now into her fifth month of the pregnancy and according to the doctor, everything is A-OK so far. Aily is good and the baby is developing well.

But today's A-OK comes only after a month of concern and worry due to low-lying placenta, bleeding i.e. sub-chorionic hemorrhage and few other diagnosis I can't even spell, let alone pronounce. At one point, the doctor even mentioned that we were facing a real risk of miscarriage.

All that now has passed and Aily has been given a clean bill of health by the doctor today. Hopefully, it will stay this way until the time of delivery. And hopefully, it will be a GIRL, just like what the doctor said...

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