Saturday, July 21, 2012


The first day always the toughest.

This would be the fourth year Emil has been fasting. We thought it will only gets easier from year to year, but we were wrong, hahaha

Fasting was easy for Emil when he was 5. But now that he is 9, fasting only gets tougher for him. Probably because of the well-developed tastebuds, well-rounded mid-section and the temptations from the sights and smell. Also the Eiddin factor.

Eiddin is 5 this year, the same age when Emil started fasting. But unlike Emil, Eiddin did not last the distance today. He can only tahan until 2. And he broke his fast ceremoniously with ice-cooled 'air kotak' and of course, the big brother flipped big time.

We doubt that Eiddin will start fasting this year. He is not showing the required 'maturity' to perform the task and we are not asking him to do so. While Emil looked forward for sahur even when he was 5 and woke up with a smile everytime, it will not be the same case with Eiddin. Eiddin is a "disturbed lion" if his sleep is disturbed.

Just a note to pass time while waiting for berbuka.

Salam 1 Ramadhan.

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