Wednesday, January 02, 2013



This is not a late posting. I just want to be fashionably late ha ha ha. I figure most of the blogs that are still (or barely!!!) alive up to this point and has not been eaten by the evils of Instagram, Facebook and the likes (yes you hahaha), their owners must have jumped in headfirst yesterday to update their blogs. So, I decided to sacrifice yesterday, the first day of the year, for today, the second day, just so that the blogosphere will not be awfully quiet :)

Well, technically speaking, some place somewhere further west, it is still the first of January. It's 10:53 PM, Tuesday, January 1, 2013 (EST) in New York. So am not late. Am still in the zone.

Ok enough with that...and on with the subject.

2013...hmmm...what to expect? What it has in store? For starters, this year will be one day short compared to 2012. So, I have to do with one day less compared to last year. Must hurry then!!!

2012 is quite a tough year to beat. Besides the London Olympics and Messi confirming he is an extra terrestrial being, waltzing around the lesser equipped Earthlings, there was this particularly historic event, though on personal level, that happened inside the last quarter of the year - the granting of a huge amanah from Allah SWT to us. This beats any other things hands down. We are indeed very grateful. And for that, 2012 is a vintage year for us.

So what to make of 2013? The usual suspects -eat less, exercise more, sleep less, read more, curse less, pray more, talk less, do more, hate less, love more- never fail to push and shove their way into the new year resolutions list. As hard as they push and shove to make their appearance on the list, they will push and shove just as hard along the year to fall out of the list.

Early in the morning, a good friend gave a jolt. "Istiqamah bro...don't just blast on the first day..", Syam said, responding to my FB posting. True bro...true...

So let this be the theme of the year - ISTIQAMAH. Well, that's one big challenge!!!

Here's hoping for a great year, wonderful 2013!!!

Joe, consistently inconsistent is istiqamah also right? ha ha ha...