Saturday, February 23, 2013


Currently the best toy in my world. Don't try to look for this toy anywhere for this toy is not available in Toys 'r' Us, ToyCity or any other toy stores as only one unit was ever made and produced for each version. The production took 9 full months but the process was monitored on monthly basis and on weekly basis during the last month.

This toy does not operate on batteries and the dresses are sold separately. At the moment, the behaviour of this toy is largely predictable but still, caution while handling must ever be in existent as this toy is equipped with a steadily developing brain and can be pretty unpredictable at times.

What can the toy do?

The toy mostly smiles, giggles and regurgitates random, incomprehensible sounds. This toy needs to be fed constantly but must have enough sleep. On the down side, this toy discharges foul smelling excrement. Lack of sleep can result in major tantrums exhibited through ear-piercing wailing sounds.

But most importantly, the toy also has the amazing abilities to turn gloomy days into bright ones and cheer people up. The toy lifts spirits and makes problems disappear. For now, this toy is very capable to bring smiles and laughter to the whole household.

Hence why this is the best toy in my world. Eh why be self-limiting? Let's just say that this is the best toy in my UNIVERSE!!!

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joe said...

i thought your wife is your toy? haha