Monday, February 17, 2014



Don't despair. Do not worry, for falling sick is a part and parcel of life. I know it has been some time but you have shown us that you are made of sterner stuff.

The rashes on your body and your face, they will go away. We, mama and I, think it's measles, all the telltale signs and symptoms point to measles. But we can't rule out dengue, given the current scenario, can we?

That's why I took you to the clinic this morning and had your blood taken, so that it can be tested and get a certainty. I know it was painful, even I myself cringe every time the sharp needle pierces through my skin. But you were not bad. You should have seen your brother last night. He was hysterical. But he is always for theatrics, that big brother of yours.

So sleep and rest for now. Results of the blood tests shall be out later in the day. I am praying you and your brother are not worse off that you guys already are.

Insya Allah.

Lots of love,


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